Gollum's Lair  LbNA # 34638

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateAug 31 2007
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found May 14 2015
Hike Distance?

Southward, follow the river road into the land which bears the name of the One-Armed General who perished in the Kinstrife. Proceed 3 furlongs and when you reach grazing lands just past the Houses of Healing, let your steed rest. Dismount and head toward the trees in the direction of the setting sun. Where the ground drops off toward the river, head south until you find Rivendell.

Descend Rivendell until you are halted by the River Bruinen. From here, follow the shore, keeping the setting sun on your dexter hand. Continue on this track for about two furlongs until you see the entrances to the Goblin Caves above you. If you pass underneath the Sky Road and reach the Grey Havens, you have gone too far. Ascend the Misty Mountains and enter the furthest cave entrance to the south. Watch for goblin adolescents, as they are known to prowl this area on occasion. Along the right hand wall, you will find Gollum’s Rock. The “Precious” is kept in a nook above it.

Please admire the Precious and after you have gazed on its beauty, hide it once more so that the Dark Lord will never find it.

Update: The Precious has been stolen! Gollum has left his cave in search of it. From the mouth of the southernmost Goblin cave make your way at 300 degrees to the Dark Tower. Facing the Tower, make your way to the right hand side. Under a tree root and behind some small rocks is where the Precious may be found.

•No ink included, bring your own. Black is advised.
•This hike is not for the timid. Work gloves, high waterproof boots and old clothes are advised. (An elven boat would help, too.)
•It is not recommend looking for this box in wet weather, when the ground is wet, or when it is high tide. The track along the river is very narrow, very muddy, and VERY slippery. (Please don’t ask how I discovered all of this…)
•Please be VERY careful when climbing the Misty Mountains, as the terrain is rather steep and rocky. You can twist an ankle if you’re not careful.