Buttermilk Falls in Little Falls  LbNA # 34605

Placed DateAug 29 2007
LocationLittle Falls, NY
Planted Bycurvette Jenn    
Found By churchguysNprincesse
Last Found Aug 29 2007
Hike Distance?

Required items: Long pants (regardless of when you go to the falls), bug spray (a must!), sneakers (there will be rocks that you will need to climb over), and a walking stick if you have one.

As of right now I would say this is an early spring Ė late fall finding. The box will be there all year, but I am not sure how easy it will be to get there in the winter.

Warnings: Because of a flood that Little Falls had a few years ago there was a rock slide and it was cleared away so that the flow of water could continue through. You may get wet on this hike, if you decide to walk up the stream. The stream is no more than 1 Ė 1.5 feet deep, believe me Iíve fallen in it many times. My seven-year-old cousin was able to follow the stream all the way up to the waterfalls so itís up to you on whether or not you bring your little kids. Keep to the path-there are no poisonous plants if you stay on the path. The tall grass may be prickly against your legs; that is why it is better to wear the long pants.


From the East

Take Route 5 into Little Falls. Continue on Route 5. You will go under two lights, and take a right up Ann Street. (Best Westerns/Valley Cinemas will be on your left side as you turn onto Ann Street). Follow Ann Street to the end of the road and take a left onto West Monroe Street. Follow the Street past the big school on the right. Go under one flashing yellow light, and turn right onto Sherman Street. (Sherman Street is a short street). Turn left onto Burch Street (there is also a sign that says Field). There is a parking lot at the track/field and old city pool.

From the West

Take Route 5 into Little Falls. You will pass a Nice Ní Easy and a dealership for ATVís. Come to your first light and take a left onto Furnace Street. Follow the street up the hill and take your first right onto Arthur Street. There will be a flashing yellow light at the top of the hill (careful because everyone loves to run that stop sign) and at the bottom of the hill there is a STOP sign. Take a left onto West Monroe Street and a quick right onto Sherman Street (Sherman Street is a short street). Turn left onto Burch Street; there is also a sign that says Field. There is a parking lot at the track/field and old city pool.

Directions to the Stamp:

Once you park your car, walk toward the yellow building. Go to the back by walking around the yellow building on the left side. There will be a playground in the back of the pools. Approaching the playground, take the path (small clearing) on the left 7 paces before you reach the Merry-go-round . (The later in the year you go, the more overgrown the trees and weeds will be). Follow the path to the large rock piles. When you reach the last of the rock piles, climb over them and cross the stream. Follow the stream up north by hopping from one rock to the next. You can just cross the stream and walk up on the dirt, but there is no path.

There is a large thin tree that makes an arch, from left to right, over the stream. Once you just pass this archway, there will be two large moss-covered rocks on the left and a tree with roots overhanging the stream on the right. Cross over to that tree on the right and on the left side of the tree at the base under rocks is where you will find the box. This is our first hand drawn stamp.

There isnít really anywhere too well to sit and put the stamp into your books, sorry. Hope you enjoy the hike and feel free to walk up all the way to the waterfalls. Just be careful!