Ma Chérie  LbNA # 34537

OwnerThe Gamecock    
Placed DateAug 22 2007
CountyOther International
LocationVersailles, France, INT
Found By Chicky
Last Found Dec 29 2007
Hike Distance?

*Poor Ma Chérie does not have a box. Please bring a sandwich sized one if you can spare it! If you do not have a box, grab a couple of baggies in case they need replacing!*
Last found: 12/29/07

Located on the estate of Versailles, France. A MUST SEE if visiting Paris! Word of warning: the garden is free, however if you plan to tour the palace, make sure you get there 45 minutes before they are open. The lines are horrendous! Look for the Billet Sales office if there is no one in the info tents outside.

Go to the Jardin du Roi. Follow the path to the northwest corner. You will see benches. Have a rest. If you are now looking towards the garden and the pillar is in the middle, look slightly to the Right. You will see hedges on the Right with a tall skinny tree behind them on your side. Now get up and align yourself with the tree and the pillar in the background. Ma Chérie is in the hedge approximately in this line about knee level.