Starry Night in Rambouillet  LbNA # 34536

OwnerThe Gamecock    
Placed DateAug 21 2007
CountyOther International
LocationParis, France, INT
Found By The Gamecock
Last Found Sep 23 2008
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Last found: 9/23/08

Located at the Chateau de Rambouillet; Rambouillet, France. Rambouilet is approximately 50 minutes on the southeast side of Paris off of N10; or 25 min SE of Versailles. Worth the short drive if your coming from Versailles. You do not have to pay to visit the gardens of the chateau. Go to the tourism office next to the chateau for general information or tickets to tour the chateau. *Check hours of operation before visiting.*

The Chateau de Rambouillet is the official summer residence of the French president. Another one of Louis IVs many chateau's. It was given to the count of Toulouse and repurchased by Louis XVI, who loved enjoyed the hunting grounds.
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Go the Chateau de Rambouillet. As you enter, cross in front of the Chateau. On the right you will see a gate that leads to the gardens and lake. Before this gate there is a Vase sculpture to the right with a bench in front of it. Sit on the bench and have a rest. To your Left you will see the chain linked fence curve, corner off, and then continue to the Left. Van Gogh’s treasure is just after the corner at the base of a tree/bush. Please be very discrete. This is a VERY public place. It also looks to be popular with the French at night considering all the beer cans in the bushes! HIDE WELL! Bon Chance!