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Alpine Adventure Kitchener  LbNA # 34520 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 25 2007
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationKitchener, ONT
Planted ByPrime Minister's Fam    
Found By Lone R
Last Found Sep 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Alpine Adventure
Kitchener, Ontario

To find this letter box you must go to the heart of the Alpine community. Follow Ottawa St. W. until you reach the “Burg”. You will know you are there when you see gas and a “Fire-on-the-Side”. Head south on Strausburg. The first street on the left is the opening to the Alpine Community, Kingswood Dr. Once on Kingswood Dr. take the first right, Lucerne to find the heart of the community. The place where children learn. Enter the parking lot and find a spot. Now your adventure begins in finding the treasure you seek.

1. Find the lonely little cottage and walk to the back of the building.

2. Stand facing south and look for the vicious alligator protecting the circle.

3. Walk to the alligator, don’t get to close.

4. Stand in front of the alligator and look for “the 1/2 circle of rocks”( referred to as the “Circle of Learning”).

5. Proceed to the Circle of Learning and sit on a rock, face east. In front of you, should be be a small hill with a forested backdrop.

6. Walk up and over the hill. In the winter you could slide down the hill( a favourite activity of the children of this community).

7. Walk to the mound in which balls are thrown from.

8. Stand on the mound facing the batter then turn 90 degrees east. You should be facing the forest.

9. Walk about 43 steps to enter the forest. You will see 2 paths, but the smaller one should be directly in front of you. The path is bordered by a large grey boulder. Enter carefully.

10. Follow the trail past the leaning log.

11. Turn left and walk between the two large trees to the main trail.

12. At the main trail turn right and walk to the fork in the path.

13. At the fork take the path to the left, past the 3 fallen logs- watch the bump in the path.

14. Walk to the part of the forest where the canopy opens. You are very close to the treasure that you are seeking.

15. Continue left on the path for about 24 steps to a log on the right.

16. Turn to the left so the decaying log is at your back and you are facing a tall tree on the left side of the path. In front of that tree you will find a fallen log. The treasure is discreetly hidden underneath the log. A small log is placed in front of the treasure. Please ensure you put it back the way you found it.