Lets go to the movies #4  LbNA # 34467 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 25 2007
LocationMooresville, NC
Planted ByTHE SEEKERS 1108    
Found By deevahnc
Last Found Jan 26 2008
Hike Distance?

Lets go to the movies #4
Short walk into the woods...
a little rough, but I think still KID FRIENDLY.


This Action Adventure Thriller starred SIDNEY POITIER, TOM BERRINGER and KIRSTIE ALLEY. Poitier's charecter is a big city FBI agent. Berringer's charecter is a hiking guide from the country. Also included in this tense thriller are some very comedic moments where the two men compare BIG CITY and BACK WOODS COUNTRY ways.

FBI agent Warren Stanton (Sidney Poitier) is desperate to track down a dangerous jewel thief following a botched hostage situation. He suspects that the thief has joined a five-man hiking party in the rugged wilderness near Spokane. Unfortunately, there is no way of contacting the hiking guide Sarah (Kirstie Alley) to warn her that a dangerous killer is among her group.

My favorite lines from this movie:
"I've never seen a grizzly just turn and run like that." (Jonathan)
"Everybody else up here acts like they've never seen a black man before. Why should the bear be different? "(Agent Stanton)

This movie is SHOOT TO KILL.

It starts out in the big city, where Agent Stanton is forced to pursue a killer into the wilderness in Washington. With the help of Jonathan and Sarah, two hiking guides, he must catch the killer before he can cross into Canada. It is a tense thriller with a bit of comedy too.

Your search for SHOOT TO KILL begins at Marshall Access area near Mooresville NC. It's just off HWY 150 across from Marshall Steam Station. Turn onto Kiser Island Rd and take the first left, following signs to the access area.
Drive all the way in to the parking lot. When you turn to drive back out, as you pass the "Bathrooms", start counting light poles. At the 5th light pole, you'll need to stop.... and take about 20 steps back toward the parking lot. From where you stop look into the woods on the opposite side of the rd. You should see several fallen trees there on the edge of the woods. A little farther into the woods you'll see a pile of red dirt from a fallen tree. Go to this pile of dirt and look to your left. You'll see two more piles of dirt. What you have "in your sights" is under that first pile of dirt, in the roots on the back side.

Thank you for GOING TO THE MOVIES with us !!!
Please rehide box well..... being sure to wrap everything good, especially the outer bag. The box does not seal tight.
Be sure to look for the OTHER movie box hidden here !!!

This is a pretty area.... GOOD FISHING THERE.....
Be careful when you go into the woods, there are a lot of downed trees.

Bring your own ink... and your own pen.