Tubing the San Marcos River  LbNA # 34456

Placed DateAug 25 2007
LocationSan Marcos, TX
Planted ByDelta Dawn    
Found By Daisy Poo
Last Found Jun 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Located near the Lions Tube Rental which is on the City's property adjacent to Texas State Jowers Atheltic complex. At the corner of Charles Austin Dr. and Jowers Access you take the Jowers access past the Reserve miltary post area, you will enter into a small parking lot area very near the river and can see a sign for the tube rentals. Go to the back of the building near the small place scape where a purple dragon slide longs for a dip into the San marcos River. Head on the path from the playscape to the trail that runs parrall to the river and turn slightly to the right heading to the first lamp post on the northernWestern side of the small playscape.

At the lamp post, pose as a person tying your shoes or checking your bag and feel up under the light post for a small metal box containing the letterbox. Happy Trails and Tubing!

7-12-08 replaced