Tootsie  LbNA # 34415

Placed DateAug 8 2007
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationWestport, ONT
Planted ByHunting for Boxes    
Found By DKCF
Last Found Sep 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Westport is a small town 40 miles north of Kingston. Follow County Rd 10. The Rideau Trail is just north of Westport at Foley Mountain Conservation Area. Tootsie is atop foley mountain near Spyrock.

Park near sign for Spyrock. Make sure you pay your $5. Follow signs to Spyrock. Take a look over the valley at Spyrock. Turn around and start toward the wooden walkway. Before the wooden walkway turn left at a bench placed for a man with a nickname. Follow the orange triangle trail. You will cross a creek with lots of rocks. It may be wet or dry. It was dry for us, but water flows when their are years with more rain. Continue on the trail and go up a hill. Look for a tree with three trunks with a orange triangle nailed to it. Beyond it is a clump of rocks. Look for the eye and the nose. Is it a cat's face? Or something else? You can almost see a face in the rock. To the right of the rock with the face look for a smaller rock you can move. It lies between a crack. Remove the rock and you will find a pile of sticks and under it Tootsie lies. Look for two kinds of Tootsies, but don't eat either one!!!

I planted this box with my two son age 7 and 6. It was great fun. We are from South Carolina and loved all the great letterboxes on Foley Mtn. Also, look for the letterbox we planted in St. Mary's Cemetary between Westport and Newboro. We will be back next year or the next to check out boxes out so take good care of them. Put the lids on tight and hide them well.