The Trap  LbNA # 34305

OwnerGuys and Dolls    
Placed DateAug 20 2007
LocationLansing, MI
Found By MonkeyAround
Last Found Nov 25 2011
Hike Distance?

Hawk Meadow Park was just opened by the Charter Township of Delta. I saw that they were about to open a new park and thought I just had to initiate it with a couple of letterboxes! The park is located at 6160 Delta River Drive. That is .5 mile east of Ingersol Rd.

This is a very visible spot so stealth is highly advised.

From the parking lot take the path leading to the East. Travel on the path past 3 intersections staying on the pavement. On your right is a field, on your left note the fantastic Oak tree. At the intersection where a tree is surrounded by asphalt follow the trail to the right. Find the uniquely misshapen oak on the right side of the path. From this tree take 55 steps at 60 degrees to a large dead oak. In its fallen arm I have laid The Trap.

Continue on the trail until you see an intersection with a very tempting bridge, this is not the way to go. There is a large dead log to your right as you go though. As you travel along the path there is a 15 foot stump on your left followed by a single stone on the right. From the stone continue up the path 17 steps to a giant beech on the left. From the beech continue up the path another 40 steps to where a tall sentinel lies perpendicular to the trail. As you walk along the fallen body of this giant I spring out for The Kill! My intention was to place the second stamp on top of the first stamp as you will see when you get there.

To find your way back either continue up the trail until you find a familiar tree or backtrack, its about the same distance either way.