Good Dog  LbNA # 34229 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 18 2007
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By the poodle dudes
Last Found Sep 12 2007
Hike Distance?

Our favorite place to get a Hot Dog is The Dog House on 17th. They have tons of different hot dogs to choose from and all the staff are really friendly.
We recommend going on a Saturday for the Black Forest Special. YUMMY!!!
The German Beer sausage is a great choice too.

After stuffing yourself go out of the restuarant and make a left. Follow the deck around the corner to admire the..... um...... scenic ...........concrete creek. Ok hope this view doesn't ruin your appetite. As you gaze at the mossy creek reach down to where the deck meets the chain link fence. Search the cubby hole for a good dog.

Please be sure to use SUPER STEALTH when retrieving and replacing this box. This is a high traffic area.

Hope you like your meal!