Scuba Dude  LbNA # 34171 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 14 2007
LocationAthens, TX
Planted Bymonarchtrailer    
Found By TiaZaa
Last Found Jun 16 2009
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The Wilchers are the founders and designers of Athens Scuba Park. The Park was dreamed up out of their love for scuba diving. The spring-fed warm waters boast an average visibility of 35’ that can peak at 70’. The lake’s depth is from 20 to 35 feet with the park facilities designed for maximum safety & enjoyment for divers. 12 docks were built along the shore and shaded pavilions for sun & rain protection, hot/cold showers w/ shampoo & conditioner in the bath house, camping areas for all size groups along with a full service dive shop. And for ambiance, torches that line the lake at night.

Several wrecks have been put into the lake. From the first Greyhound bus that country singer Ray Price toured in, to the Take Two, a triple-deck houseboat. Months were spent setting up and arranging a maze of huge culverts for cave & wreck training. Also down under lays a Lockheed C-140 Jet Star military transport plane as well as a DART bus that made its last stop over off of dock #7.

The location is convenient to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. 11 carpeted underwater platforms provide a safe area for underwater training. The Park has excellent water clarity and is consistent in the upgrading of amenities. A heated pool and hot tub have been added, new wrecks, RV hookups, and new gear rinse stations as well as a full service, fully stocked dive shop keep this a growing, thriving business.

More boats, another airplane, motorcycles and a space capsule round out the menu of playful quarry attractions, offering divers hours of enjoyment and underwater photographers a wide variety of unusual backdrops. For more info, check out their website at:

To the letterbox:

Athens Scuba Park's entrance is actually located on Murchison Street, but I wanted letterboxers to be able to see the park without entrance, so I planted the box at the back of the park. From downtown Athens, Texas, travel on Hwy 31 East towards Tyler. You will travel approximately 1 mile from the courthouse when you will turn left onto West Wofford Street. (Citizens National Bank is located on the corner of East Tyler(Hwy31) and West Wofford if you need a landmark.) About .2 miles on West Wofford you will begin seeing to your left the back of Athens Scuba Park. On your right hand side, you will see a dirt "pull off" where people sometimes pull off the side of the road to look into the park. Pass the first "pull off", then the second "pull off" as well. Before the road begins to curve the the right you will see a large tree on your left (Scuba Park side) that has been topped. At the base of that tree under a large cement block, you will find Scuba Dude. Be careful of the barbed wire that surrounds the park area. (If your looking into the park, the tree is centered between barrels marked #8 and #9) Please be very discreet, rehide and cover well.