Frodo's Journey  LbNA # 34158

Placed DateAug 16 2007
LocationIdledale, CO
Planted ByThe Hobbits    
Found By yellow brick roader
Last Found Sep 27 2010
Hike Distance?

This is the first box in a soon to be series of Lord of the Rings themed boxes. We start with his journey begins, he cannot travel without a gift from Bilbo.

This box is kid friendly and dog friendly, but not stroller friendly. (I packed my little one up in her backpack.) The hike is relatively easy and is just over one mile. My nine year old son carved his first stamp to include in this set, so enjoy.

From C-470, take Hwy 74 West up through downtown Morrison for about 6 miles until you reach the Open Space park that is home to the Great Hibernator. Park in the large lot and grab a trail map. Then head west around the no parking gate on Bear Creek Trail past the picnic tables and past the sign for the Creekside Trail. You will come to a bridge, take it over the creek and take Bruin Bluff Trail up to the right. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you continue on for about 10 minutes, eventually you will come to a fence with three uprights and a small creekbed that only sometimes flows. From the creekbed take about 7 paces, on your right will be an aspen and three small pines, one just a baby. At the base of the aspen, you will find Frodo. (Don't be fooled by Mary's tree.) Just up ahead there is a nice bench to stamp in at. When you're finished, continue along the trail up the hill. At the crest looking east you will see a small rock outcropping on a ridge. Continue down the trail through the switchbacks, eventually you will come to the rock outcropping you saw earlier. From the crest of this landmark look up the hillside to see a boulder nestled next to a pine tree. Once there, you will see two rocks that look split apart, here you will find Sting the Orc killer, an important gift from Bilbo. After stamping in and enjoying the view, follow the trail down through some more switchbacks on Bruin Bluff Trail. At the junction, take a left on Bear Creek Trail to another bridge, once over the bridge you will find a lovely spot to rest and enjoy the day. From here you can follow several trails right back to the parking lot.