Poor Marcus  LbNA # 34142 (ARCHIVED)

Placed Date
LocationAnderson, OH
Planted ByTeam Todd    
Found By LEED.
Last Found Aug 25 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 25 2015

This box has been taken from its location as of 8/2009. I intend to replace it soon. I will edit it this when accomplished.
Julifs Park on Clough Pike in Anderson Township (near Cincinnati, Ohio).
Marcus Fiesel was 3 years old when he "disappeared" from this park in 2006. His foster mother stated that she had heart trouble and collapsed. While people were helping her, poor Marcus allegedly walked away. My family was among the thousands that searched for days for little Marcus to no avail. Later, after many searches and much heartache the truth was found. Poor Marcus had been bound with duct tape, gagged, and left in a closet while his foster family went on vacation. Needless to say he is now in a much safer, healthier environment...Heaven, where I am sure GOD had set aside a special place for him. There has been much deliberation about what should be done to remember poor Marcus, this is our small part.
Enter the parking lot off of Clough Pike and head south toward the playground. Pass the playground on your right and continue S until you come to a T in the road. Turn West (Right) and follow the trail. All along this path you'll see names from the past among the trees. Look to the left when you begin this part and you'll see Jason Hunts name. You're going the right way. Pass the tennis courts on your left and you'll see a softball field in the distance. On your right you will see a dirt/gravel path, take it. Walk 45 paces from the start of the path to the 3rd tree with a large red paint mark on it (this tree is on the left side of the trail). From this tree take a 150 degree reading and you'll see a tall stump. Next to this tall stump you'll see a small tree with some bark leaning against it. Look here in the hollow of the tree for Poor Marcus.