Snoop Dawgy Dawg  LbNA # 34112

Placed DateAug 14 2007
Location???, NY
Planted ByFelix Felicis    
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 20 2008
Hike Distance?

NOTE BEFORE GETTING STARTED: it is best to do any ‘research’ that is needed on atlasquest!!!!

To find out where to begin your search, figure out at which place Rabbit Relations, Talking Turtle and Girl Power have hidden boxes in common.

Next – go there and get a map. As of this posting the map has a crane-like bird on the front. If you get a different one please stop and contact me b/c it may not be the same map (this will be important in a minute)

Open the map. Below the actual picture of the map are descriptions of the trails. Beginning with the entry with the initials L.L., start numbering the entries down the page and continue on to the next column and the final column in the same manner. The last entry has the initials E.T. and should have a number of 11. If this doesn’t match up on your map, discontinue.

The box is located at the intersection of #3 and #9. You will know you are in the correct spot if you get to the intersection and there is a wooden bridge.

The easiest route to get there is: #1 to #3 to #9. I do realize that there are other boxes in this large location and you might be coming from somewhere else on-site other than the suggested route. In this case just do everything backwards!

If you take the suggested route, cross the bridge and then turn around and face it like you were going to go back over it. Now kneel down and up under the right hand side of the bridge, covered by 4 stones is “Snoop Dawgy Dawg”

If you are coming from another direction and are already across the bridge, just reach down and get the box!!!!!

Please replace carefully and try to hide again with stones.

There is a first finders token in the box!

Difficulty: easy…a great walk with kids….down down down!!
This box is BYOI&P (Bring your own ink and pen)
No dogs, no wheelchairs!!!!

PS: I you’re feeling adventurous, there is a *great* lookout spot on #6 and I know for a fact there is a box in the *very* near vicinity of that lookout (not mine though)

Happy Hunting!