Hidden Lake  LbNA # 34107 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 9 2007
LocationPlain, WA
Planted ByLarimer Family    
Found By ahoymatey
Last Found Sep 23 2007
Hike Distance?

Unfortunately, this letterbox was taken/lost. We hope to try again w/ a new letterbox in a more secure area, also at Hidden Lake. Meanwhile, happy hiking.

Your search for the Hidden Lake letterbox begins in the Lake Wenatchee area; NW Forest Pass or parking fee required ($30 annual/$5 day pass). The Hidden Lake trail is an easy .5 mile hike on a mostly hard-packed well maintained hiking path through the woods. There is a slight elevation gain on gentle switchbacks.

Begin your journey on Hwy 2, heading toward SR 207, or Coles Corner. Turn onto SR 207. Take a left onto Cedar Brae road, toward Lake Wenatchee State Park. Just before the entrance to the State Park, turn left again, staying on Cedar Brae Road. Follow Cedar Brae Road approximately 3.3 miles to FR 6607. Turn left onto FR 6607 - gravel road - and continue a short distance to the Hidden Lake trail head.

Your Clues:

A long time ago, there were three brothers who went in search of a long lost treasure in the woods above Lake Wenatchee. You, too, can follow their trail, however, be careful, lest you meet the same fate of the three brothers.

You see, the three brothers set out on their journey together, eager to help each other find their prize. However, as they neared the hidden treasure, each began to rush ahead of the other, hoping to be the first to find the promised riches.

When you reach the top of the Hidden Lake Trail, you will come to a small stream with a natural log bridge allowing you to continue along the main path to the west. Cross the stream and follow the path until you reach a significant clearing sprinkled with large boulders. Here you will see a short snag (broken tree stump).

This is where the three brothers began to get selfish -- they could see the sparkling reflection of the lake, and mistook it for a glittering treasure. Pushing and shoving, they ran for the lake to seek their prize.

Standing at the snag, look due west to the shore. There you will see the three brothers, turned to stone for their selfishness; it is within the three brothers you will find the letterbox. Simply remove the stone within the crevice, and there it is. The true treasure is the fun that comes from working together to find a prize!

This can be a popular hiking spot, so please beware of onlookers. Thank you.

*this is our first letterbox; the stamp is hand carved and works better with stamp pads than felt pens. We hope you find all as we have left it!