The Old YMCA of Saratoga Springs  LbNA # 34033 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 12 2007
LocationSaratoga Springs, NY
Planted ByMOOCOW    
Found By Friends 'R' Us
Last Found May 18 2008
Hike Distance?

******This box was stolen but has since been replaced! YEA!************

This box was placed in memory of the original location of the YMCA in Saratoga Springs. To find this box, park your car behind the Holiday Inn on Broadway. Descend down the Katrina Trask Memorial Stairway into Congress Park. At the bottom of the staircase turn left and follow the path, the pond will be on your right. Continue on this path passing six trees on your right. Keep walking until the fountain in the middle of the pond is exactly perpendicular to your direction of travel. Find the small trail into the woods on your left, which runs into a big decaying tree stump. If you've letterboxed before, you know exactly where to look. After stamping, go up a little further and you will find a path back up to your car. At the top of this path is the location of the old YMCA currently being torn down.