Pioneer Runner  LbNA # 33936 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2007
LocationEverett, WA
Planted ByHoops & Run    
Found By Firedancer
Last Found Oct 13 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was planted so we could make our 1st stamp.(you can start in a car and later it says get out at a cetain point.)
Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Distance: About 2 miles round trip from Seattle Hill Elementary. 400m if you drive to the posts marking the path.
Our letterbox is located in the Pioneer Trails in Everett, Washington. Please be respectful of our area of "private" trails. Don't swim in the pond or feed or harass the ducks. Dogs ok on leash.

From I-5, take the 128th St. Exit. Go East about 3 miles. Turn Left on Seattle Hill Road, toward Snohomish. Take the next left on 51st. Go left on 126th St. SE (Near Seattle Hill Elementary entrance.)
Continue on 126th St. SE until you pass a basketball and tennis park on the right. Take the next left at 122nd Pl. SE. (Blue house with blue roof on the left). Stop at 42nd Dr. and go to the left side of the road. Keep walking until you reach 2 wooden posts that lead on to a paved trail.

Walk on the trail until the 1st intersection
at this spot you'll go in the left direction.
Go past the bench and admire the lake
at the next intersection a right you will take.

When you get to the bridge your treasure you'll find
look under the right side if you'll be so kind.
Reach your hand under and the box is quite near
Open the lid, we hope you enjoyed your time here!