Saugerties Public Library  LbNA # 33634

OwnerRabbit's Relations    
Placed DateJul 25 2007
LocationSaugerties, NY
Found By Jaxx
Last Found Jul 14 2015
Hike Distance?

Clues are new as of 6/28/11-box now back in the permanent home of the Saugerties Public Library -- with grateful thanks to BEACHGIRLS, who found the new hiding spot and came up with these clues!!

Solve the clues to decipher the call number of our library's letterbox.
A) What grade do you have to be in order to enter the teen room?
B) In the children's room, how many windows are there on the wall above the computers?
C) How many diamonds are underneath George Washington?
D) Now look to the wall on the same side as the Catskills -- how many bookshelves(stacks) are on that wall?
E) How many patron computers are in the East Addition?
F) In the stairwell to the upper level, find the last digit of the year the library was erected.

Substitute the numbers for A - F. This is the call number of the letterbox in the Adult Non-Fiction section.

Please replace the box exactly where you found it.

For a list of all the library letterboxes in the Mid-Hudson Library System, please look here: