Dover Plains Library  LbNA # 33633

OwnerRabbit's Relations    
Placed DateJul 31 2007
LocationWingdale, NY
Found By SuzySquirrel
Last Found Aug 14 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 10 2015

The Dover Plains Library is located at the intersection of Route 21 and Route 22. The address is 1797 State Route 22, and it is located in the American Legion building.

To find the answer to the question that you seek, you must open up a book into our past and take a peek.
In a teeny, tiny section of a little, bitty hall, there is a book upon a shelf to your right up on the wall.
These books must always stay here, they cannot go home with you, and when you find this book, you’ll have the answer to our clue.

Stand on the steps outside and look at our front doors.
The numbers going down the left are what you’re looking for.
Take that number and divide it by 2 and add 76.2.
Include the eighth letter of the alphabet and you are almost through.

Here is the question you must solve before this hunt is done:
“Whose drugstore was the first permanent home of the Town of Dover’s library in 1901?”
When you find the name, go to the desk and say:
“There’s a book on hold for ________ __________. I need it right away!”

[clues written by Lisa King and Heidi Barto]

Please observe library rules, and keep inky fingers off the tables and books. Return the letterbox and its contents to the circulation desk when you are through stamping in.

For a list of all the library letterboxes in the Mid-Hudson Library System, please look here: