The Sheriff  LbNA # 33628 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 31 2007
LocationAthens, TX
Planted Byathens dicer    
Found By Lucy Locket
Last Found Mar 8 2008
Hike Distance?

A Trail is Never Cold is the title of a book written about the legendary Henderson County Sheriff Jess Sweeten. Given this phrase, how appropriate it is that Sweeten would end up being honored in, of all things, a letterbox. The phrase also comes into play with regard to location, as this is a very hot placement in terms of public activity. Therefore high discretion tactics are suggested.

Jess Sweeten is remembered as an expert marksman and relentless investigator. During his tenure as Henderson County Sheriff, a span of more than twenty years, Sweeten solved numerous high profile crimes including several murders that gained national media attention. A crack shot, he also gave popular shooting demonstrations to area schools, often shooting cigars from the mouths of assistants with a pistol. Due to his toughness and his hard nosed ways, he drew praise and criticism alike for his law enforcement methods.

Directions to the box:

On the east side of the Henderson County Courthouse square travel north approximately one block on Highway 19 also known as Palestine. At the corner of Palestine and Larkin, you will see Sheriff Sweeten’s old Henderson County Jail, now the Henderson County Historical Commission. Across the street to the south, is a parking lot in which you will find two park benches with backs to a low brick wall. Go to the southernmost bench and sit. Behind you in line with a brick column supporting a light fixture, behind shrubbery, and on the ground you will find the box. Remember to use the utmost discretion and re-hide appropriately as curious eyes are likely watching.