Aunt Shirls Walk  LbNA # 33502 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2007
LocationNarragansett, RI
Planted ByPhillips5    
Found By El
Last Found Aug 4 2008
Hike Distance?

*******Note, I'm Sorry, I went to check on my box today, and someone had removed the log, and burnt it. This is still a wonderfull place to go but this box has been removed*******

This box is hidden in a EXTREMELY ROUGH ROCKY AREA!!
Plan a day for Scarborough Beach. Park at the beaches parking lot.(It does cost $$) This is a beautiful beach, so set up your blanket, make a castle in the sand, ride some waves, and now take a walk. (Bring Sandels, or water shoes!) Start by heading down the beach towards the old burnt out rock building. When you get there you'll notice the sea wall has broken apart and caved in. Climb through where it has caved in to find a path. Walk a short way, and you'll see a large GREEN covered rock on the left, followed by a WANDERING TREE. On the right notice that the sea wall has also caved in. About 80 strides down the path from here, you'll see a large dark rock followed by some large light colored rocks burried in the path. From here count out 60 strides to the next bunch of large light colored rocks burried in the path. Now 45 strides to a single large rock(It's almost the width of the path) burried in the path. From here 25 strides will get you to a BREAK IN THE EARTH on the right.(This is a deeply cut path that is not very wide!!)Walk down through THE BREAK IN THE EARTH. At the bottom of the path turn to the right and walk 35 strides staying close to the bottom of the hill.(Be VERY Careful!!)You should end with an extremely large boulder on your left. Finally the last 16 strides, continue to stay close to the bottom of the hill. You should see Two large rocks on your right. Your treasure is under the one closest to the hill. Please be discrete, and rehide it well. Now that your business is done, check out the tide pools for some snales and shells!! Please feel free to email your stories of finding this box, for this is my most favorite place on the planet!!