Stop to Stretch Your Legs  LbNA # 33483

Placed DateJul 28 2007
LocationSummerford, OH
Planted By3BuckeyeKids    
Found By KingFish
Last Found Apr 20 2017
Hike Distance?

Easy walk- about .2 miles or less
Please bring stamp ink, logbook and a pen.

This letterbox can be found at the rest area located on I-70 east between mile marker 70 and 71. Park in the spaces on the south or east side of the buildings. Walk up the drive marked by the sign “STATE VEHICLES ONLY” and look to your right for two picnic tables just inside the tree line. Follow the path between the tables (westish), into the woods. As you approach the fence, look right for two large fallen trees that form a lopsided X. Walk between the forked end of the tree on top and the fence and then follow the bottom tree to tree leaning 45* to the left. Three steps from the leaning tree, is a rock and three steps from the rock, is a large stump. (They are all in a line.) The letterbox can be found in the stump, through a hole near the ground on the backside. Note, this box is big enough for a hitchhiker.

Thanks for stretching your legs at our box and please travel safely.