Whitacre Park  LbNA # 3345 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 4 2003
LocationIndian Hill, OH
Found By Elder1983
Last Found Jul 7 2006
Hike Distance?

Indian Hill,Ohio Hamilton County
Placed ; Jan. 4, 2003 by franzsolo...
Difficulty: easy
Stamp rating: not bad
Whitacre Park is located on Given Road between Shawnee Run & Kugler Mill
This is a microbox**
Please bring a ink pad & pen.
>From the circular parking lot head out in a Westerly direction thru the
Turning left there is a tree with a brown trail marker on it Start
there. I would have taken down the number ,but I was interrupted by "
Buffy " on horseback thundering around a blind curve,and almost running
me over !
Begin walking at 320º until you come to a Bluebird house on a pole.
Now head 320º to another Bluebird house.
>From there go 280º for 25 paces
( a pace = 2 steps )
Stop !
Now continue at 220º for a few paces to reach a tree in the middle of
a small clearing. The microbox is at the base of that tree on the
Eastern side.
While crossing over the Horse Trails keep you eyes open for Biff & Buffy
the Equestriennes.....