Fun at the Fountain  LbNA # 33349 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2007
LocationShokan, NY
Planted Byhope's ~ crew    
Found By doodledumpling
Last Found Oct 21 2007
Hike Distance?

I took this box home for repair... wet pages, broken stamp, driping ink pad...I wonder what happened to all the baggies? I'll replace by end of summer I hope. 7/8/2008

We LOVE to pack a picnic, our bikes or skates and maybe even a kite and head to the fountain at the Ashokan Reservoir for a few relaxing hours of fun.

You can claim our letter box in about 10 minutes after you arrive at the park. We are trying our hand at carving - you will find a very abstract version of the fountain... we'll keep practicing.

To get to the fountain we head on Route 28 West toward Shokan. (from Saugerties/Kingston area) Make a left after Winchell's Pizza and follow that road across the reservoir until you MUST turn left. You will see the park with the fountain down the hill in front of you. (The fountain will not be on in the late fall, winter and early spring.) Follow the road to the left and at the bottom of the hill go to the right at the fork in the road. The entrance to the park will be about 1/4 mile ahead on your right.

Clues to the Box ~

After you park your car head toward the fountain and stop at the large rectangular rocks. Look to your right and walk to the locked gate that blocks the service road. Near the gate you should see a ring of large rocks that border the edge of the woods. Follow the pattern below to get to the treasure.

X = Rock T = Tree


The last set of rocks form a little ramp. The treasure is hidden under the ramp. Reach in from the fountain side. We placed a strong stick right under the rock to help you pull the box out. It is hidden with small rocks, sticks and pine cones. When you rehide the box please make sure that it can't be seen from the service road.

We would love to hear how the clues are ~ We will edit them as we receive feedback... Happy Hunting :) Hope's Crew