Brighton State Park Adventure  LbNA # 33326 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 23 2007
LocationIsland Pond, VT
Planted ByBrighton Adventure    
Found By Vermontelf
Last Found Aug 16 2007
Hike Distance?

**update Oct 3, 2007 ** CLosed for ther season.

** Update August 13, 2007: The Adventure is back up and better than ever! Each of the boxes (except the first) has a stamp in it now (thanks for the suggestion Nancy Drew and Crew). The last clue box is also now in a different locale. Have a "ball!" Oh, and someone had indeed stolen the last box! :( Grr. So, I lost the log book and everything including the really cool stamp!! So...if you have a heart please don't take our stuff and just do what is right and good. Put things back as you found them or as they should be. Enjoy people!

** Updated August 7, 2007: The last box on the trail has been reported as missing/stolen. The trail is not functioning as it should right now, but you may come out to try it if you will. But be aware that one or more boxes are missing. I expect to have the trail up to peak effecienct by Sunday August 12th. Thanks for the helpful hints Nancy Drew and crew!

** Updated August 2, 2007: 3 groups have finished the box, though only two put entries. And someone mentioned that the left clues for us to find, but when we got there, alas, they were gone. I hope it wasn't money! :(

**Updated on July 30, 2007 to make the second and fourth clues easier.**

BE AWARE: This is within Brighton State Park, so you will be asked for a Day Use fee per car of $3.00. Furthermore, this Letterboxing Adventure will only be open during the office hours of the park and while the park is open. It was not our intention to use this as a way to make an extra few bucks, but we wanted to be involved in letterboxing and to use this site to let people know about it. Nonetheless, we do have to say that we have a day use fee. Sorry if this offends you. :(

DIRECTIONS: Go to the Ranger's Station and ask for directions to the first clue on the Letterboxing Adventure. You should bring a campsite map, a Park trail map, and you may require the use of a compass if you are without direction. ;)

You can acquire these maps at the Ranger's station.

This will likely take you at least an hour to complete and maybe two. If you need a hint or the next clue come to the Ranger's station. So far only 1 person has completed the Adventure. Aye Chihuahua!