Drake well  LbNA # 32981 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2007
LocationTitusville, PA
Planted Bypetlovers    
Found By Brown Eyed Susan
Last Found Jul 7 2010
Hike Distance?

Go to Drake Well Park and park in the parking area. Look for the Wildflower path at the entrance to the parking area. Follow the path to the end and the dike. Follow the dike to the Jersey Bridge and crossover. From the bridge go left into the parking area. On the left near Oil Creek is a well marked path. Take the path and look for overhead power lines. About halfway between the lines and a yellow marked tree, look for a little path with lots of wild berries. There should be a rotted out tree and a fallen tree on the ground. The box is in the far end of the tree on the ground.

To find Drake Well, from Rt 8 north or south in Titusville, follow the Street signs and directions.

**we are going to be visiting are letterbox over the 4th of july and the last time it was found the stamp appeared not useable, we'll be remaking the stamp and putting and replaceing the old stamp with the new one. If you visit our letter box please turn the stamp pad upside down so the ink pad dosn't dry up because we live in FL and only go to PA once a year. thanks