Bunny Tales  LbNA # 32799 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2007
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationKitchener-Waterloo, ONT
Planted Bythe Sehl gang    
Found By The Nolster
Last Found Jul 25 2010
Hike Distance?

Go to George Street. Find a house with 14 small circle windows on the front. Park. Walk away from King St., past a mansion. Cross the street at the yellow fire hydrant at the corner. Turn left down a no-exit street. Walk on the sidewalk & continue beyond where the road ends at the garden to the next street. Parking lot for City Centre Visitors only. Walk toward Cenotaph flags. See 'Laurel Creek' by Nat McHaffie 1988 & 3 boulder-tiered grass section. Follow gravel path over tracts (leading to the old station) & follow the waterway lined with 2 green horizontal railings. Path changes to brick...a short distance to signalized lights. Do not cross, only turn left to walk the wrong direction on this one-way street. Pass 2 law offices. At the next street (across from the animal hospital), turn left. Obvious display of flowers, statues, picture etc. that is very interesting. I've hidden a camo box under the red wagon. Stand on the curb; look at the right wheel closest to you, behind the rock. Go to the brown boxes beside to do your artwork.

...would love some feedback if these clues are sufficient!