TLU Backwards  LbNA # 32769 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2007
LocationSeguin, TX
Planted ByDelta Dawn    
Found By Cha Cha Cheetah
Last Found Jun 9 2008
Hike Distance?

Texas Lutheran University is a noted Texas Historical Site. The front of the university is at 1000 W. Court St (which you can find from Hwy 46 or Hwy 123- it runs perpidicular between the two highways).
At the front of TLU is the TLU front letterbox. You will have to get out at the sign and take a picture of your assistance(ants) who will then scoop the box from below the gray electrical box on the north side (side toward the university). Please make sure to return well. Enjoy a driving tour of TLU and look for more letterboxes to come in the future.
To find the TLU back letter box- you will need to go to the enterance on Hwy 46 by Jackson Auditorium (there are 3 flags at this sign area), again possing for a lovely photo your snatchers will need to dig slightly beneath the white rockes on the east side (side toward the university) of the sign. Please return and cover well.

Happy Letterboxing.