Reel Em' In  LbNA # 32743

Placed DateJul 8 2007
LocationEatonville, WA
Planted ByRyan M.    
Found By mossrock
Last Found Jul 27 2008
Hike Distance?

WARNING: You might need some clippers to reach the first box, mostly during the spring and summer months!!

Smallwood Park in Eatonville, Washington is home to the annual kids fishing derby on opening day of the fishing season. Today I am going to help you "Reel In" your own fish. First you will find your "pole", then your "catch".

Start off on Meridian (highway 161) heading toward Eatonville. As you're entering the town, veer off to the right onto Mashell Avenue, going south. Pass the Roxy Theatre, then the Stage Stop Museum on your left. Cross the bridge and make and immediate left into Smallwood Park. Follow the gravel road to the pond (it may be dry during the summer months, but there will still be a big hole there). Park there in front of the boulders.

Pole- Now it's time to find your pole. Walk toward the pond. Then go left and follow the gravel path along the pond. With the pond on your right, look to your left for the giant, "double" stump covered in ivy. Behind it stands a group of ivy covered trees. Directly in front of the trees, under sticks and moss covered planks is your pole. Be sure to leave some room below this stamp for your catch to hook on. ;-)

Catch- Now that your pole is safely secured, it is time to get your catch. Head back down to the path around the pond and continue walking in the same direction around. Cross over the bridge. Continue around until you come to three boulders on your left. Behind the "pair" is an eight foot snag, behind this is a fallen log. Behind this log, under a strip of bark lies your catch.

Please replace the boxes when you're done and do not remove anything from them including the pieces of paper inside them. Thank-you! Happy Fishing!!