Sunset Cemetary  LbNA # 32725

Placed DateJul 8 2007
LocationGalloway, OH
Planted Bytail between my legs    
Found By Tencrowns
Last Found Oct 28 2010
Hike Distance?

Sunset Cemetary

This cemetary is small so you won't need a map. This is my first attempt of planting so let me know what you think!
Drive into cemetary so that Bieber is on your right. At section 6, turn left. Wasam should be on your right. Continue on and at the intersection, drive toward Lange. You should see Sherman on your right. Continue and make a left at section 9W. Drive past Old Glory on your right. Approach the round about and turn right and drive towards Leonard Miller. They should now be on your left. Stop at Whittaker. Stand behind Whittaker at NW and take a reading of 240 degrees. At 80 steps you will see a 2 trunked tree and sunset is in the middle. Please be discreet as the cemetary does not know I planted this box.
Please let me know the condition of the box as well.