chowskis  LbNA # 32674

Placed DateJul 7 2007
Locationelkland, PA
Planted Bychowskis    
Found By eagle
Last Found Sep 22 2007
Hike Distance?

box 1
1. go to the red light in elkland.
2.turn left at the red light, go over the brige and find legion heights rd.
3. Turn down it to webelos park.
4. turn into parking lot on right.
5. Find the electric pole that reads 389
6. on your left there will be another electric pole that reads E81
7. find the stump behind the electirc pole
8. the letter box you seek in underneath the stump

box 2
1. find the highlanbd cemetary
2. turn on cemetary rd.
3. thur left at the first st.
4. find the tumb stone of Mother Santina polumbo Smith on your right
5. turn and go accrost the road to find the white night
6. turn to your left to find an identical pair of trees
7. walk ove to the trees
8. then walk throught the trees and turn
9. the tree on your left hides your treasure

box 3
1. go to Jerome park
2. find the sign
3. go to the 4 intersecton of the side walk
4. find the benches on your right
5. have a seat and let your chrildren enjoy the play ground.
6. look till you find the gazibo
7. go over to it
8. walk over the walkway
9. get into the middle of the gazibo
10. turn to your right untill you find a bunch of trees and brush.
11. walk onver untill you see a flat rock.
12. go right around the rock untill you see a trail.
13. go in throught the trail.
14. go as far back as the 2 pine trees
15. look to your left and in the bush is your letter box