Restful John and Relaxing Rover  LbNA # 32673 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2007
Location???, MI
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 5 2010
Hike Distance?

John and Rover went for a ride.
Leaving Muskegon (MI), east from the tide.
Driving a highway, lanes on both sides
because, after all, Rover liked rides.
And so, John drove on, Rover chewing some sticks
on the fast doubled highway. I-96?
They drove quite a ways, for it was a caper.
John holding a map, a folded up paper.
You see, John occasionally glanced at his map
while Rover slept, taking a nap.
Then they hit a bump, and how Rover did wail...
in between his legs went his quivering tail.
John knew what this meant. He had to go!
But, where to stop? He did not know.
For they had already ridden a ways past GR
with Rover whimpering and whining in his car.
John looked at his map for a place with a trail
The howling was awful! How Rover did wail!
Then John saw it near mile marker 63.
Spotting #532, a place to go "wee".
John parked the car, grabbed his cell phone, his keys...
and the folded up paper to swat at some bees.
He got out his car, dialing his phone to talk...
but poor little Rover, he needed that walk!
"Rover, please wait," for John knew that he would...
but man's best friend Rover headed straight for the wood.
Barking and howling, away he did go...
Where Rover went, John did not know.
Across the parking lot, straight to the trees
ran poor little Rover, with quivering knees.
He ran this way, and that, abounding with glee...
occasionally stopping to mark on a tree.
"Bark, bark, whine and howl" he heard Rover yelp!
John had to find him. Do ya think you can help?
Great! I knew that you saw him wagging his tail.
"What's that, you say?" "He went down a trail?
But, I see three to begin my search.
Please! Don’t leave me in such a lurch!”
“Don’t dump your household refuse, please…
or park in the additional spots past the tree.”
“That’s what you say? Thanks for the clue!
Your helpful tale told me just what to do.”
Now, only you can solve this 600 second test.
Hurry up! Do it quickly, so poor John can rest.
But as of March, two thousand and nine
that sign is now gone near the place you should dine
Just look for a spot to quench your thirst.
This is the trail where you must start first!
But wait, there is more that you need to know.
Follow the trail clues for which way to go.
Take a walk among the towering giants, my friend.
The trail has so many from beginning to end.
So John started off running, using his wit
but he quickly got tired and he had to sit.
John sat to rest to solve Rover’s caper
on a pile of rocks and unfolded his paper.
At the curve where one giant was cut to the ground…
just past these friends, was where he sat down.
A bit to the west, past another’s leftover toes
Then south of one standing is where John goes.
OK. You found Restful John, as you see…
with his map in his hands. Now, let him be!
But, the journey for you is clearly not over.
Remember, you must help John find his Rover.
Back to the trail, but they mean you no harm
Are two towering giants with outstretched arm.
One you can see clearly has two…
but he’s not so friendly and won’t help you.
However, his tall brother stands right nearby...
using his one arm to point which way to fly.
Shhh…! Was that Rover? Don’t make a peep!
A slight happy whimpering? Down the trail you must creep.
But alas, there are giants lining the way.
Some are not friendly and may scare you away.
In fact, a tall gray one stands to the right.
With his outstretched arms, he is surely a fright!
But…please don’t worry, cry, or weep…
Another giant lays to the left, fast asleep.
Shortly you’ll see this slumbering friend
and this test for you is close to the end.
For Rover went there to complete his feat
and found a nice spot near the sleeping friend’s feet.
Alas, there is no more wailing din
Rover found relief by the giant's shin.
Oh no. He's not here. Oh where could he be?
That tricky little Rover is not at this tree.
So, back to the trail for additional parking
You're so close now that you hear the barking.
Turn left and park it right in the first spot
Keep your temper. Stay cool. No need to get hot!
Head right in the woods, looking for nine.
All bunched together. Don't they look fine?
Between number 4 and five, can't you see
is a small little hole. Is that where he'll wee?
Hey, there he is! It’s Relaxing Rover!
Taking a break! Now this tale is over.

(I hope these stamps provide you a chuckle. We would love to hear from you about them. As always, bring your own stamping pad. Hitchhikers are welcome in these boxes as long as they are sealed tightly! Please do not seal these boxes inside plastic bags. Be aware that Rover is hidden very well. Good luck!)