Placed DateJul 2 2007
LocationPequea/ Willow Street, PA
Planted ByFootprints in PA    
Found By A-N-R
Last Found May 26 2008
Hike Distance?


******THIS BOX IS possibly missing, I have been told it is not there as of 11/29/08, I need to go check it out. It has rocks, sticks and leaves on top to hide it. ****
Silver Mine Park Silver Mine Rd, Pequea Twp, PA

This is about a 30 minute walk..mostly flat areas.

***NOTE-- I checked on this box last night 7/17/07...and on my way back out from the box...I must have stirred up a yellow jacket nest....I got stung at least 10 times....STAY AWAY from this box until FALL or cooler weather. ***NO signs of bees as of 5/21/08--but use caution, they may return when it is even warmer. ******

This is a great little park, out in the country.

From Lancaster take MARTICVILLE RD / PA-324 / PA-741. Continue to follow MARTICVILLE RD / PA-324 until you see Silver Mine Road on your right. You are heading towards Marticville If you get to Frogtown Rd intersection you went to far.

After you turn Rt the park will be mainly on your left, but you are going to keep going until you see a big pond on your left with a stone mill/ house, directly across the street from the mill is a dirt parking lot on your Right…that is where you should park for this hike. You should see a small sign that says Geology trail and Pond trail.

1. Follow the arrow POND trail arrow, you will see a BIG stone structure on your left. I’m not sure it might be Limestone Kiln, or something to do with the mining. Keep going straight.

2. Pass the cave/mine entrance on your left. Please obey the danger signs and DO NOT GO IN. The stone path now starts to turn into a wide grass path, you are coming up to the pond.

3. You should go the RIGHT…to go around the pond, at the “Y” stay left.

4. At “dead end” and NO horses sign, go to the left down narrow trail. You may hear the sound of horses to your right, this is a private property that backs up to the park. Say Hi to the horses, but respect they are on private property and you shouldn't touch or feed the horses.

5. You will now be coming to a cute wooden bridge. It is very pretty back here. Lots of tadpoles and frogs.

6. Keep going straight, you are on the other side of the pond now. Where the narrow trail ends and the wide grass path starts….there is an opening to the pond on your left..from that opening take 15 large steps you should be at another clearing to the pond. Stop and stand there… face the woods, you will see a tree stump and all its many roots…it is about 15-20 feet back in the woods…..look in this tree stump and the box you will find.

Happy hiking. Email me to let me know how it is doing. And don’t forget to cover it up well, with sticks and leaves, tree bark…whatever you can find.

This was placed by Footprints in PA, with help from Cody, Conner and Taylor.