Mom's Milk and Cookies  LbNA # 32498

Placed DateJul 4 2007
LocationGranville, OH
Planted Byhuntin-dogs    
Found By Choi
Last Found Nov 12 2015
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Mom's Milk and Cookies

Mom’s Milk and Cookies

Maple Grove Cemetery
350 E. Maple St.
Granville, Ohio
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20 minutes or more depending on how long you look around!
Bring: Stamp pad (brown if you have it), compass, pen or pencil
Optional but highly recommended: Picnic Lunch!
1 pace = 2 steps

Think back…maybe you were in kindergarten, maybe 1st grade…but you got off of the school bus and came inside and you could tell the minute you inhaled: Mom had made cookies! Just for you! Chocolate Chip!

My mom made great chocolate chip cookies and had she lived long enough to learn about letterboxing, I believe she’d have loved this crazy, wonderful hobby of ours. Come pay her a visit, then take your picnic lunch and find some cookies and milk to go with it!

Clues: Start at the end of Maple Street in Granville, Ohio, at the gate of Maple Grove Cemetery. Before driving in, check your odometer. You will drive a short 0.3 of a mile total.

Staying on the main paved road, proceed into the cemetery veering to the right the 1st chance you get. Weave your way back to the sign for Section 8. Turn left at this sign and go 0.1 mile more around another bend to the right. Stop at the Section 9 sign and if there are no other cars around, simply park in the road. This should be a total of 0.3 mile from the front gate. Now go to the luckiest row in Section 9. Pass by Biefeld, Monroe (Scott), Chilcote, and stop at Mary Slack. Give Grandma Huntin’ Dog a good hullo and note the final digit in the year of her passing. (Letterboxing hadn’t even made it to the shores of the U.S. yet! Make sure you read’s fabulous article about the history of letterboxing!) Hold on to that last digit…you’ll need it in a minute.

From the foot of Mary’s resting spot, take a 10* reading and walk 16 paces to a nice spot to wet your whistle, if you’re not afraid of well water.

From here, go 58 paces more at 25* to your picnic spot. (You can also drive to this spot if you would like.) You’ll notice a stone here that says Charles Louis Ream. Lou Ream owned Taylor’s Drug Store in town where Mary worked for a few months. Taylor’s was recently converted into a CVS, but still has a nice historical display of pharmaceutical artifacts and pictures of Granville in the “olden days”. Unfortunately, the photo development department took over the space of the old fashioned soda fountain. Sure wish I’d known about letterboxing a few years ago so I could have sent you for a real soda before you left town. You can still take a stroll down Main Street and visit the other quaint shops and stores. Whit’s Frozen Custard is one of my dad’s sworn favorite spots for a treat on a hot day. Interestingly, if you’re boxing on a cold day you could walk through Whit’s and up the stairs to the Soup Loft where you can get some wonderful homemade soup and bread.

Back to your picnic. Once you’ve wiped the PBJ from your fingers, stand at the front of the steps and count off the number of boxwood bushes from that digit you remembered earlier. Start at the left of the steps and count in a counter-clockwise direction. Inside this bush you will find the cookies and milk to complete your picnic lunch. Re-hide as found or better and please let me know how this box is doing. It’s near and dear to my heart, but unfortunately, not my home.

Hope you enjoyed your hunt!
Mama Huntin’ Dog