River Relic  LbNA # 32494

Placed DateJun 26 2007
LocationWells, NY
Planted ByLJD    
Found By ADK oinkers
Last Found Sep 20 2016
Hike Distance?

In the southern Adirondacks
Below the watery wells,
Barely off the driven tracks
A new letterbox dwells.

These short clues take you via
– if you want to pursue it –
A camp and day area:
A river runs right through it.

Cross the bridge if you can’t resist
Then come rejoin your team,
For now these clues gently insist
You take a stroll upstream.

Pass the dam where people fish,
Pass concrete steps (eroded),
Continue up and north-ish
On this mission, lightly coded.

Look for a fallen, wooden V.
If you see two-five-six,
You’re further on than you should be;
Backtrack to find the sticks.

(In the bank several yards uphill
Is a large mossy boulder;
Beyond this point you’ll lose the thrill,
The trail’s getting colder.)

If you want to find the goods
Look where the V’s most wide,
Scramble up into the woods
Where lost relics reside.

At a crumbling wall of stone
And tumbled concrete blocks,
In a spot neglected, overgrown
- look central - is the box.

The hand-carved stamp portrays
Another thing that people seek
In the pools and pathways
Of this shallow, rushing creek.

* * *

(To avoid paying site entry,
Take this tip henceforth:
A stop sign – back of – is the sentry
On a small slip road just north.

Park and walk around the gate
To two-five-six, not far,
Search several feet downstate
For the large V of lumbar.

This route’s easy and quickish,
Though not nearly as much fun.
Better to stay and play and fish
When Letterboxing’s done.)