Adirondacks Welcome  LbNA # 32489

Placed DateJun 27 2007
LocationCaroga Lake, NY
Planted ByLJD    
Found By ADK oinkers
Last Found Sep 18 2016
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Kane Mountain is a low peak in the southernmost Adirondacks. It offers a short, wooded hike that is accessible to families and fun for kids, and incredible views for those who have the nerve to climb the fire tower at the summit. For many Adirondacks visitors this is the first climb. Kane Mountain is a few miles south of Pine Lake town and a few miles north of Caroga Lake town.

This letterbox doesn't have an ink pad -- we couldn't get one locally -- so take your own.

There are several trails to the summit. Here are two:

1 Route 10 passes between Canada Lake and Green Lake. Take a turning north onto Green Lake Road, following the lakeside (there is a trailhead signpost). If you're coming from the south, the turning is on your right. Drive 0.6m, and take the dirt road that brances left. After 200 yards you'll find the parking area and the trail head (marked by red DEC discs). The trail takes 30-40 minutes; it's wide and pretty easy going.

2 Again approaching from Route 10, turn onto Schoolhouse Road. If you're coming from the south, the turning is on your right, about 200 yards beyond the Green Lake Road turning, and the trailhead is just beyond the first bend in the road. The trailhead is signposted and marked by red DEC discs though not named. This route is steeper and takes about 30 minutes; very young children might struggle.

You can go up one trail and down the other, though the walk back to your car at the original trailhead will add about three-quarters of a mile.

Each route takes you directly to the mountain top; it's probably about two-thirds of a mile up. At the summit you'll find the fire tower, from which on clear days you can see both the Catskills and the Adirondacks. There's an abandoned Observer's Cabin, and enough clear, pretty space to make this a good hang-out for snacks or exploring.

To find the letterbox:

Stand at the base of the fire tower with your back to it. The remains of a camp fire (ring of stones) is a few paces in front of you. The Observer's Cabin is to your right and slightly behind you, and the foundations of another building -- presumably an earlier cabin -- are to your right and slightly in front.

Follow a small trail through the bracken heading north-east. You'll come to a clearing and a large, flat rock. From the furthest edge of the rock it's another 25 paces or so in the same direction. Look for an old, stunted oak tree. There's a long-dead stump, and a surviving trunk, and a tangle of dead branches on the ground. The letterbox is concealed under bark and leaves inside the tree stump.

Leave your stamp to show you made it! Handle the letterbox discreetly -- these trails are popular on warm weekends -- and hide it well. And please let us know if it is missing or in poor condition.

Thanks! LJD