The Pipebangers: Fraggle Rock Series *MISSING*  LbNA # 32473 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2007
LocationWeches, TX
Planted ByWill'sWorld    
Found By Blue Butterfly
Last Found Jul 5 2008
Hike Distance?

The Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs rely on the Pipebangers for water. The Pipebangers are a group of Fraggles whose responsibility it is to bang the pipes in Fraggle Rock with sticks, an action which they believe makes water run into the Fraggle Pond. They wear vaguely pickle-shaped headgear and carry their banging sticks. They are led by the Archbanger Fraggle.

This letterbox is located at Mission Tejas State Park near Weches, Texas, which is on SH 21, twenty-one miles northeast of Crockett in Houston County, Texas. Enter the park and stop at the office to pay the user fee and get a map. Locate the CC Bathtubs on the map. There are two ways to get there, from a trail that starts near the Rice Family Log Home, or from the playground area. Note: there are several other boxes near the playground area but the path to the CC Bathtubs is pretty long and up hill most of the way. The trail from the Rice Family Log Home is shorter and either way is hilly.

To the box.
Follow the map to the CC Bathtubs. Be sure to watch for the small trail leading down to them, it is not marked. The trail will lead you to the middle bath. to your left is a smaller bath above the other two. Walk to this bath. While facing the bath with your back to the other two baths look to the right. About 15 feet away you will see two long thin logs lying on the ground that cross each other in the shape of an X. In this case X does really mark the spot. The box is located partially buried on the far side of the X under a small rock. Please recover well and let me know how you liked it. Be sure to check out other letterboxes in this park, like Lone Star Quilter’s "Indian Trails—Quilt Block Series", BootsTex's "Nabedache" and Princess Aurora’s "Tejas Bell".