S.H.E.S.  LbNA # 32470

Placed DateJul 1 2007
CountyVan Buren
LocationSouth Haven, MI
Found By VBSP Bluegills
Last Found Sep 27 2010
Hike Distance?

VanBuren County North Point Conservation Area. South of South Haven, north of Covert and VanBuren State Park. Blue Star Highway to Ruggles Rd. West on Ruggles .4 mile to small parking area on right. About 1 hour walk, mostly sturdy trail, some sand, up and down hills.
Five friends were vacationing on the shore of Lake Michigan. On an unusually cloudy and windy day, they decided to forego the beach and go for a hike instead. They headed out for VanBuren County North Point Conservation Area because it's free. Protected with sunscreen and bug spray they set off down the main trail. Conversation about developments in South Haven began immediately and all agreed, "It's just not right". That sentiment carried them beyond the Y and past the T. They followed the main trail up, up, up and back down again. On the way down, they chose conservatively and headed towards the lake. They followed a skinny sand trail all the way to the top for a spectacular view. By this time, the sun had come out, so! being Five crazy Friends on vacation, they all jumped off the dune, down to the beach, stripped off their jeans and enjoyed the surf and sun. They crawled back up the dune and followed the same path back. Opting for a bit of privacy to put their jeans back on, they took the First path on the right, just about where the sand ends and the hard path begins. They followed this path for about 50 PACES until they saw a huge beech tree with a huge hole in it on the left. Turn your back on that tree and see a fallen one. About the middle, on the far side, covered with sticks you will find Box #1 - Beach Babes. After stamping go back to the main trail and turn right. The arrow on the tree is barely visible anymore but it's somewhat a main intersection with a tree in the middle of it!
The Five Friends kept going on the path that brought them here. At the tree with an arrow pointing to the Heavens, they met their Friend from Town. She was out for a walk in the woods. After sunning on the beach all day, the Five Friends thought this sounded like fun as well. So, all 6 of them went right, right around the hill following the main trail. Eventually, they reached a viewing point where they could see the beach and the lake. A sign that prohibited their friend Ruthie made them turn back. (The "dogs prohibited" sign is no longer there either but you can guesstimate the number of steps Back and still find the tiny trail across from the rock garden.) 27 PACES Right from the sign, they came upon a rock garden on the left. A Sacred Circle of Sorts. The Friend from Town felt a lot of Energy there. All six of them ventured further, across the main trail to a small path, past some disturbance - a lot of downed trees, perhaps a makeshift shelter? They followed the tiny path to the top of a dune. It was the perfect place, with a perfect view, and the Friend from Town conjured up the Siren's Song. It was all so mystical and oh, so beautiful. A good place to enjoy the sunset. But the Five Friends were afraid they couldn't find their way out in the dark. One or Two Paces back down the dune, a huge double tree on the right - in it's crook, you will find Box #2 - South Haven Siren. The six friends followed the tiny path back to the main trail, turned right onto the main trail and followed it back to their car. They drove North to Sunset Park for a perfect ending to a perfect day.