The Ancient Bay  LbNA # 32468 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2007
LocationCorte Madera, CA
Planted ByThe Alchemist    
Found By Nature Hikers
Last Found Nov 16 2014
Hike Distance?

The Box of the Ancient Bay

Take the Paradise Exit from highway 101, head East. Turn right onto Paradise Drive just West of the highway. Continue South and then East on Paradise Drive for just over two miles. Turn right onto Taylor, and go all the way up to the top, where you will find a blue gate.

Beyond the blue gate you will see a massive rock, locally known as "Split Rock," or "Cleft Stone." From trailhead next to the gate, count 260 steps to a boulder imbedded in the trail itself (you’ll pass a few others on the way to this one). Forty steps due East from that boulder, a pointed finger of rock juts out from Split Rock. Behind that finger, a narrow fissure in the rock will allow access. Enter the fissure, and once inside, look up.

The map is resting just above some smaller stones lodged in the crevice above you. Take it down, and use it to find the Box of the Ancient Bay, nearby. But please return the map exactly as you found it when you are done, making sure that it is hidden—and will not fall or slip from its place—above those stones wedged in the top of the crevice.

The Box of the Ancient Bay is what I call an “Art Box,” designed as an earth-shrine to honor the spirit of the beautiful place where it resides. (My mother in law, a real witch, informed me that anyone who would willingly steal such a box will suffer a curse...yikes!) Please place it back very carefully and re-conceal with leaves, as per the instructions on the map.

If you find it, email me with proof, and I’ll give you clues to my other “Art Boxes” in the area. Happy hunting!