Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  LbNA # 32454 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2007
LocationGranbury, TX
Planted ByTriplett Trio    
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Jul 6 2007
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Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!
“The Courthouse
The county courthouse was constructed in 1890-91 from a design provided by Waco architect W. C. Dodson. The three-story limestone structure reflects the then popular French Second Empire architectural style. The Hood County Courthouse is very similar to other courthouses built by Dodson in the 1880's. The county courthouses of Lampasas, Parker, and Hill counties all share a common and progressively refined architectural theme. All four of these buildings feature a second-story district courtroom with two story high ceiling and wood framed clock tower with ornate tin trim. Except for the courthouse at Lampasas, which was the earliest constructed of the four, they also feature a mansard-roof treatment.
The Hood County Courthouse is a fairly spartan building compared to the other three structures previously mentioned. A clock tower was not originally planned for the courthouse and was added after construction had started. The courthouse is constructed of limestone and the use of ornate stone carving is limited. Unlike most Texas county courthouses of this era, the building has only three entrances on the first floor. In spite of the fact that the north side of the town square has some of the most prominent buildings, there's no north entrance to the courthouse.
The exterior of the Hood County Courthouse was restored in 2000, and it makes a grand center piece for what is an absolutely wonderful old town square. The interior of the courthouse still reflects alterations made years ago to better utilize available interior space. The large district courtroom has been divided into multiple courts. Hood County still makes extensive use of this public building for county business. Someday when the county has constructed alternative office space, the interior of this grand old courthouse may be restored to match the exterior. “

Here is the clue:
Go to the town square and take a gander at the beautiful courthouse. Then look to the North and find the historical Nut House. To the left of the Nut House is a sidewalk leading to another great shopping area, The Wagon Yard. As you walk down the sidewalk, you will see some Bradford Pear trees to your left. The box is buried at the base of the last and largest Bradford Pear tree.
Happy Hunting and please feel free to drop me a post card and let me know how the box is surviving the weather. This is my first attempt at planting a letterbox and hope you enjoy it!