Mummies Under Cover  LbNA # 32444

OwnerNickerson Family    
Placed DateApr 6 2008
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationKitchener, ONT
Found By Big Blue Team
Last Found Nov 23 2009
Hike Distance?

This box replaces "Mummies in the Park" which went missing over the winter. I changed the directions slightly to hide it in hopefully a more secure place!

1. Start at 72 St. Leger St.
2. Walk around the building until you find the Buddha in the window.
3. Head down the street you are on past the "shack" on your right to a "military commander"
4. Head to the red twirl
5. Walk to the maple tree behind it
6. Turn left, and walk about 20 paces to the wooden fence
7. Follow the fence along until you are standing at the base of a maple tree, under cover.
8. See the green wire fence and green compost bin ahead of you.
9. On the ground to the left of the bin under some branches is what you seek!

Note: Most often you will be the only one in this little park, but if not, please be discrete please and re-cover this big letterbox well. Good luck letterboxing!