The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Empty House  LbNA # 32325

Placed DateJun 28 2007
Location???, VIR
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Last Found Jan 29 2016
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I have the letterboxer S. Holmes to thank for my newfound obsession with Sherlock Holmes, and I decided (quite randomly) to add another virtual letterbox to the ranks, due to a sudden frustration with the lack of mystery-related ones. I'm afraid there is no prize (aside from the personal ego boost) for the completion of this letterbox, but it should be fun nonetheless, and if I can convert a few more to Holmesania then I'm all for it.


"Well, well, my dear Watson. So you have forgotten the name of the old shikari who tried to put me permanently out of comission, have you? Well, solve this little riddle and the answer will give you the name of the man. The passkey is 21 letters long, Watson, and the answers can all be found in your narrative entitled "The Empty House." And now, my dear Watson, the game is afoot!"

1. In what season and year did this adventure take place? (the 1st letter of the season is shared by the 8th and 12th letters of the passkey)

2. Who was the murdered man? (the 2nd letter of the first name is also the 2nd, 4th, and 18th letters of the passkey) (the last letter of the surname is the 19th letter of the passkey)

3. How many years after the occurrence did Watson receive permission to fill in the gaps for the public? (the 1st letter of the number is the 13th letter of the passkey)

4. What was the name of the victim's fiancee? (the 6th letter of the surname is also the 6th, 9th, and 15th letters of the passkey)

5. What was the title of the fallen book which Watson mentions by name? (the last letter of the 2nd word is also the 5th, 16th, and 21st letters of the passkey)

6. Who had fallen over the Reichenbach Falls? (the 5th letter of his surname is shared by the 11th and 20th letters of the passkey)

7. Who was Holmes' only confidant during his hiatus? (the 1st letter of his first name is the 17th letter of the passkey)

8. Where did Holmes stop the cab on the way to the site of their adventure? (the 7th letter of the 1st part of the name is the 14th letter of the passkey)

9. How does Holmes describe the society whose leader had been the late Moriarty? (the 1st letter of the word is the 1st letter of the passkey)

10. What form of facial adornment did the sinister figure who entered the empty house have? (the 6th letter of the word describing the said adornment is the 3rd and 7th letter of the passkey)

11. Holmes mentioned to the man that, to the best of his knowledge, his bag of what was still unrivaled? (the 1st letter of the contents is the 13th letter of the passkey)

12. What ailment afflicted the man who had designed the deadly airgun? (the 1st letter of the affliction is the 10th letter of the passkey)

"So, my dear Watson, have these questions piqued your memory of the affair sufficently? Halloa, what is this? I hope that you have a problem of some interest for me. Well, good sir, I cannot say that I recognise your name, but by the colour and nature of the soil adhering to your boot toe, I deduce...."


To solve click on this link, or paste it into the url browser or whatever it is, whichever works, which will take you to Atlas Quest, and click on the solve button.

If that doesn't work then just email me.