The Fingers  LbNA # 3228

Placed DateMay 7 2003
LocationFinger Lakes Region, NY
Found By Dallyettes
Last Found Aug 3 2008
Hike Distance?

The Fingers Letterbox Series - Four boxes (See also a fifth related mystery box: The Thumb)

If you place your right hand, pointing south, on an appropriately-sized map of upstate New York, your fingers might rest on four of New York's "fingers," and your fingertips near four boxes. But where to put your thumb?

Placed by: JeLyBean
15 April 2003
Location: ?
Terrain: Moderate to challenging - some steep hills and less-traveled trails
Clues: ?

Clues for this box: The name of this lake is derived from the Iroquois word "Kanandarque" which means "chosen spot." It was the legendary birthplace and site of the principal village of the Seneca Indians. On the southwest side of this lake is a county park; the county shares its name with a Canadian province. Go to this park and follow the drive until you get to the "jump off" point. Follow the orange blazes until the trail begins to veer left away from the valley. From here, continue to hug the edge of the ridge by following the white blazed trail. Soon it will descend into a streambed. This was flowing in the spring, but I don't know if it will be dry in the summer. At the streambed, leave the trail and follow the stream NNE about 150 paces. North of the stream, about 10 paces away is a large piece of red granite with a flat, lichen-covered top. Have a seat near the rock's north end, I did.

Clue for The Thumb: Once you find this box and stamp in, you'll see a picture of a critter well known in these parts. Where would its home be if you misspelled it by changing the second "e" to an "a?" There's a place named this in New York as well, on the edge of the lake you seek.

Placed by: JeLyBean
03 May 2003
Location: ?
Terrain: Moderate - some uphill and a stream crossing
Clues: ?

* * * NOTE: The Ring was last reported found in Oct 04, and since then I have received several "unfound" reports. Seems there are a lot more rock piles up there than when I placed it. You should still look for it, it's a beautiful hike, even though the letterbox may be missing. If you make the hike and would like the picture clue, or if you find the box, please email me. * * *

Clues for this box: I have read that the name of this lake may mean either "canoe landing" or "crooked" in Iroquois. Perhaps someone can set me straight. (Excuse the pun, please.) South of this lake, Back Valley Road intersects 54 twice, take the northeastern of these two, and head up Winding Stairs. It quickly becomes a dirt road. At about 0.7 miles, pull off near the small yellow sign for the Finger Lakes Trail (See Finger Lakes Trail Conference Map M12, and follow the white blazes of the main trail into the woods. Cross the stream and continue uphill. Where the white blazes leave the old road, follow the color of the sky to the end. From the fire pit, look about for the lone paper birch. If you don't know what a paper birch looks like, the white should stand out at about 140*. From this tree, 30*, 30p, is a pile of rocks. You should be able to see the lake from here.

Clue for The Thumb: Once you find this box and stamp in, you'll see a picture of something that grows well in this region. On what does it grow? In the place described in THE PINKY's Thumb Clue there's a street with this name. Follow it west to the lake.

Placed by: JeLyBean
05 May 2003
Location: ?
Terrain: Super Easy - literally a walk in the park
Clues: ?

Clues for this box: The name of this lake is shared with one nation of the Iroquois confederacy, who call themselves "People of the Great Hill," although the hill in question is located at another lake. Off the main highway that runs along the southern shore of this lake, there is a small park dedicated to Warren right on the lake shore. This park is popular, so please be discreet. Park in the lot (possibly a fee), and head all the way to the far eastern end of the park. A few steps into the brush is a large, many-trunked tree. Debris covers a flat rock at its center.

Clue for The Thumb: Once you find this box and stamp in, you'll see a compass heading. From the object mentioned in THE INDEX's Thumb Clue, the willow tree is at this heading. Another tree may be in the way.

Placed by: JeLyBean
07 May 2003
Location: ?
Terrain: Easy - less than 1 mile round trip on wide level paths
Clues: ?

* * * NOTE: In July of 08, I received a note from people who went searching for this box that they saw a few, um, male couples here engaged in, um, lewd acts. Be careful going after this box, the area may have become family-unfriendly. I do not live in the state any longer, if anyone has suggestions on who to report this kind of activity to, I'd appreciate suggestions. * * *

Clues for this box: The name of this lake is shared with another nation of the Iroquois confederacy. In their language, it means, "the mucky land." On its southern shore is Stewart Park, and south of this, the old Wildwood Sanctuary. Park along the road near the park's southern corner and head for the bridges. Cross the first and head straight into the woods on the path at 140*. After a few paces, there's a T intersection, go left and follow the path with the waterway along your left until it comes to another T, with a wide mulch-covered path. Left goes back to the park, you want to go right and follow the path all the way to the end, where the ruins are--an arch and a couple of pyramids. From the arch, notice a tree about 20p at 32* back along the path so massive two people couldn't get their arms around it. Behind this tree, under the center of three logs, under a rock. You can return the way you came or follow the other path from the arch. Look for signs of deer, beavers, lots of birds. I saw a couple of Northern Ribbon snakes here as well, they're non-venomous but please exercise your usual caution when sticking your hands into holes or under logs.

Clue for The Thumb: Once you find this box and stamp in, you'll see a picture of an object that's familiar because of this region's tourism industry. In the park at the end of the street mentioned in THE RING's Thumb Clue, you'll see one of these by the water's edge. Go there.

- No ink pads in the boxes, make sure you bring your own since clues to The Thumb are on the stamps of The Fingers.
- These stamps are designed to be stamped together on the same page so they form a picture. In case you decide to do them in random order, here's how to make a template so you know where each stamp goes in relation to the others. Draw a rectangle about 4-3/4" long by 2-3/4" high. From the upper left corner draw tick marks along the top at about 1-1/4, 1-3/4, 2-1/2, and 3-5/8. From the lower left corner, draw tick marks along the bottom at about 5/8, 1-1/2, 2-1/4, 3-5/8. Draw straight lines between the top ticks and bottom ticks. Pinky on left, Thumb on right.
- Please do not ask me for additional hints without offering a bribe of unpublished clues, hitchhikers, etc.
- Please email me with notes about these boxes: