A Bird Called Rosie  LbNA # 32167 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2007
LocationVictor, NY
Planted ByCrazyolis    
Found By emibird
Last Found Aug 13 2009
Hike Distance?

Take RT 96 to Valentown Rd. Actually Valentown Rd is off of High Street off of RT 96. Its behind the Valentown Museum.

Take Valentown Rd to the end, diagonally across the street on the right is the parking lot for the Mary Frances Bluebird Haven.

Park in the lot and on the left side of the lot is a sign that directs you to the trail head. Follow the trail around the meadow. If you look in on your right in the clearing there may be several hawks. Follow the trail until you pass a small barn on the left. Go up a slight hill, go through a tunnel of trees. Keep following the path until you come to an intersection. Take the path straight, through another tunnel of trees. Do not go left or right. You will see a blue trail marker. A little way up the trail, there will be a small unmarked path that cuts through to a wider grassy path. You will see a "no swimming" sign. Take the cut through and go to the left. Follow the grassy trail, around the pond. The trail will come to an end at a grassy field. There will be a blue house on the right. In the middle of the of the field ahead of you will be a statue. Go to the statue and say Hello to Mary Frances, bluebird lover. Standing in front of the statue, look behind it. You will see two bluebird houses. They will be at 210 degrees southwest. Go to the houses, stand directly between them, take a compass reading of 140 degrees southeast you will be facing 2 pine trees with brush around them. At the base of the tree on the right covered by pine needles will be the box.

***This is a "twofer box", there is a stamp on both sides. They were each part of the State Postal rings. If you bring markers in red, blue, green, brown and yellow, you will get the best images.