Placed DateJun 17 2007
LocationBuchanan, MI
Found By DoodleDe
Last Found Jul 12 2015
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These boxes were placed in memory of my Husband. He was born 08/01/1921 and died 02/21/1998. We were joined in Holy Matrimony 11/12/1960. He was the proud Father of Three. He worked most of his life in service to others. His resume included Goodwill Industries, Comstock Community Center, American Red Cross and Dept. of Social Services. He attended the University of Notre Dame. He was a 'Big Brother' and a 'Moose'. He was a Good Man. He liked to play, too. He was a league player of soft tip darts, especially good at hitting 17's. He enjoyed camping with the family. All of his lifetime he enjoyed fishing. In his later years, he enjoyed fishing this river.
DIRECTIONS: Take US-12 to Red Bud Trail, go North to 2nd traffic light, turn right onto Walton Rd. About 1 Mile, just over bridge, turn left onto Mead Rd. Sign for Buchanan Dam Recreational Facilities.
Box #1 - Ashes, ashes
Replaced 4/26/2012
About .3 mile on Mead Rd. hang a left. Park Car. Down a flight, count your steps. Walk out to the end of the deck. Enjoy the beauty of the river. Then back up the steps, count posts = month of marriage + date of marriage. Count one pine tree for each of his children. ( Update 4/26/2012, apparently, a traffic accident took out the first pine tree. We'll call that one The Son. He had 2 daughters.) Beneath that tree on the side by the fence you will find Box #1, Ashes, ashes.

Box #2 - Boat Ride - replaced 08/29/2010.

After stamping, continue further on Mead Rd. Turn left on E. River Rd. Buchanan Dam Rec Facilities sign points the way. After a pretty good curve there's another left turn with a small boat launch sign. (7/6/08 - this sign is completely covered with a very healthy looking vine of poison ivy!) Park at the boat launch and go towards the water. You'll see a small pier and a large sign...a la Will Robinson. From the land lubbers' end of the pier, with your back to the sign, start counting rocks.
To the right, count number of rocks = month of birth. Cross Road. Keeping rocks on right hand side, count # of rocks = best dart number or number of steps in Box #1, Cross road. Keeping rocks on right, count rocks = 'year of birth. Cross road. Shark nosed stone is #1. Keep rocks on right. Count month of birth + month of death. Now divide by 2 and follow that many curb stones. With rocks on left hand side now, count month of Marriage. Cross road. Count rocks = month of Death. Stand facing 'Will Robinson' sign (with rock between you and the sign) Right hand side, slightly under the rock you will find Box #2 - Boat Ride.