BUG-A-Boo at Safe Harbor Park  LbNA # 32097

Placed DateJun 20 2007
LocationSafe Harbor/ Conestoga, PA
Planted ByFootprints in PA    
Found By The GMonies
Last Found Dec 27 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTE: THIS box is no longer there. I have removed it, because it was wet and yuck. The trail was overgrown and doesn't seem to being used. I don't plan on putting it back. I will place it again in another park, sometime in the near future. 08/06/08
Tennis courts, quoit boxes, a ball diamond, children's playgrounds, fishing in the Conestoga River, and majestic stands of evergreens make this a favorite for all ages. This park is located just 3 miles west of Conestoga on River Road and features a large and small pavilion. Pavilion reservations for groups up to 400 are available between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Call (717) 872-0291 or http://www.shwpc.com/recreation.html

This is a great park. I discovered there are lots of great hiking trails back here and most of it is nice and shady.

BUG-A-BOO at Safe Harbor Park…LETTERBOX, placed by Footprints in PA on June 20, 07.

It was placed with the help of 3 boys…ages 6, 9, and 12…we all had a GREAT time, and hope you do as well. Enjoy!!!

To get to the park take Main Street through Conestoga…you will eventually come to a stop sign that you have to go left or right. Go LEFT. You are now in Safe Harbor; the park is on your left. You will see a playground and tennis courts. Just after the tennis courts you will want to turn left into the parking lot. .

1. With the pavilion on your left …look straight ahead you will see a paved path..that leads up past the concrete building bathroom house ( they will be on your right)….walk that direction on the path.

2. You will see a sign that says “Historic Hiking Trail”..trees and shrubs native to Southeastern PA.

3. You soon will see a sign that says TRAIL..and points to the left…DON’T go that direction..continue to go straight on to the stone pathway, pass the sign that says “Message of a Tree”.

4. As you enter the woods you will see a tree on the RIGHT that has lumpy growth..about 8 foot up the tree…go straight on the trail past that tree.

5. You are now in the shade of the woods. You will come to a Y in the trail , go RIGHT, but be careful no to trip on the the tree roots, there is a bunch..they kind of look like steps.

6. You will see a tree on your left that has fallen. The fallen tree never fell to the ground…it was caught in the Y of another tree….look to your left and up high. ..Keep straight on the trail.

7. Next you will see a dead tree laying across the trail. Stand on that log…and look straight ahead up the hill. You should see a dead tree that is still standing, but does not have a top, I’m guessing the tree is about 100 feet ahead of you. Keep going straight towards that tree. It will be on the right side of the path.

8. You are now at the top of the hill, or close to it. The trail curves to the left…….keep following it, go under the monkey vine .

9. Go over the large tree that has fallen on the trail…this is dead tree #1.

10. You’ll soon come to tree #2 on the trail..there is also the stump of another dead tree beside it. Go over this tree as well.

11. The trail has a slight grade down..and then back up…another tree to go over..tree #3

12. Yet another tree on the trail…go over tree #4

13. There are now 2 trees that are on either side of the trail..right across from each other and at the edge of the trail….we called this the door way. On the left side of the trail…there is a tree with a broken top..that falls to the left, go straight on the trail.

14. At the Y monkey vine hanging in the trail. STOP. Take about 10 paces…STOP, look to your left for a small “Y” tree with a painted yellow trail dot. Look behind at the base of this tree. HERE is your prize.

Enjoy and please return everything how you found it. Please feel free to email when you find it.

K21586@aol.com please put LETTERBOXING in the subject line.