Town of Esopus Library  LbNA # 32071

OwnerRabbit's Relations    
Placed DateJun 30 2007
LocationPort Ewen, NY
Found By Niffer
Last Found Dec 28 2012
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The Town of Esopus Library is located in the hamlet of Port Ewen, just off Route 9W. In April 2007 we moved to a brand new green building that includes a Teen Room, outdoor nature center, and over 24,000 books, movies, and magazines. Check out our wonderful programs, or inquire about reserving our Hasbrouck Community Room. The library is open M, Tu, Th 10-5:30, W 10-8, F 10-7, Sa 10-4. For more information, call 845-338-5580 or find us on the web at

Happy hunting!

1. Find the fireplace. Look at the painting to your left. This gentleman’s first name is the same as the author of the book containing our letterbox. If you are not sure who he is, look further left at the plaque located on the wall above the shelves (or ask someone at the Service Desk).
2. a. Count the number of sky lights, and add 1 to this. (Be sure to walk the entire length of the building.)
b. What is the legal age to vote in the United States?
c. What is the last digit in the Children’s Room number (look at the room sign to the right of the door)?
d. Count the number of stairs leading to the lower level and subtract 1 (this is an odd number).
e. How many computers are available for public use (Do not count the OPAC stations located on the end of the shelves)?
f. How many elevators does the library have?
g. Count the small boulders located by the pond. Multiply this number by 3, then subtract 2.
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

The answer to these questions correlate to their order in the alphabet (ex.1=A, 7=G). This is the author’s last name.
3. As you may know this author is very prolific. Find 641.8 DES in the Non-fiction section. Check out pages 25, 71, and 89. This clue should help you narrow down your choices.
4. You are now ready to locate our author in the Fiction section. If you were unable to solve clue 3, just check all the books.

Please place the letterbox back exactly where you found it and be sure not to get ink on the neighboring items.

(Clue written by Kelly Tomaseski)

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