Traveling Matt: Fraggle Rock Series  LbNA # 32069 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2007
LocationSpring, TX
Planted ByWill'sWorld    
Found By 2Grls1Guy
Last Found Apr 10 2009
Hike Distance?

Dear Nephew Gobo,

Today I followed the Silly Creatures to a new wonderful place in Outer Space. It was called the Mercer Botanical Gardens and it had all kinds of wonderful plants and flowers. The Silly Creatures continued to amaze me though. I watched one of the female Silly Creatures get all dressed up in a white gown and stand still while other Silly Creatures watched her. One of them had a box with a clear glass front and she kept pointing it at the female. Then I went for a walk and followed some of the other Silly Creatures into a wooded area. This is where something strange happened. They stood on a bridge over a pond and stomped their feet several times, then these weird water creatures started to show up and they looked hungry. These water creatures had hard coverings on their backs, and there must have been 20 or more of them. I was about to try and interview these water creatures but some more Silly Creatures showed up so I ran and hid beside a log so that they would not see me. I will let you know how things went next time.

Your Uncle "Traveling" Matt


This box is located at the Mercer Arboretum & Botanical Gardens in Spring, Texas. Go east on 1960 from the Hardy Toll Road. Turn north onto Aldine Westfield Road. Watch for the signs and you will come to a stoplight at the Gardens. Turn right into the west side for this letterbox. Park by the visitor’s center.


Go to the visitor’s center and get a map and walk around to enjoy the flowers. To look for the box, find the North Garden Trailhead behind the daylily garden. Follow the trail over the footbridge until you come to the waterlilly garden and pond. You will see a sign in to flower bed at the fork in the path that says “Crinum Collection”. Look to your right at the pond and find a low marker that says “The William Dean Lee Louisiana Iris Collection”. Turn right on the path that leads around the pond and cross the footbridge. Find the first bench on the left past the bridge. It is dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Baldauf. From here continue to follow the path until you see a section of grass on the right with two benches. Look for a sprinkler head hidden inside a PVC pipe that looks like bamboo, it is 9 steps from the far bench right next to the path. Just past this sprinkler is a small river stone path. At the far side of this path is an uprooted tree with the cut side toward you, go to it. The box is located under the left side of the log covered with bark and small stones. It is approximately at arms length from the cut end between two plant stems. Please recover well.