P.S. Write Soon - - Pulled 6/27/08  LbNA # 31980 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 13 2007
LocationLondon, OH
Planted Byhuntin-dogs    
Found By Wee Walkers
Last Found Jan 18 2008
Hike Distance?

P.S. Write Soon - - Pulled 6/27/08

Two of these went missing and we went ahead and pulled the rest. Sorry!

P. S. Write Soon
Difficulty: easy
Time: 30 minutes round trip
1/4 mile trail
Please bring: stamp, stamp pad, pen, old rag to wipe box and/hands

Who doesn’t LOVE getting mail? You know, a real letter from someone you love! “P.S. Write Soon” will deliver, but remember you’ve got to send mail to get mail! Follow our clues to find all of the items you will need to write your letter.

Start at State Route 42 coming in to London, from either the north or the south. Turn east on to Keny Blvd. and pull into the lot at Stanley Park on the north side of the road. You will see that Madison County’s Chamber of Commerce shares this lot with the park.

From your parking place locate Old Glory and you’ll get a little bit of history before we decide to whom we should write our letter. Gebhard and Julianne Keny owned a farm on this beautiful plot of land some time ago. As the plaque in front of you explains, the Keny’s donated the land to the London Community Foundation. What the plaque doesn’t tell is that the Keny’s placed the stipulation that the stand of woods behind the shelter house not be removed. They further stipulated that a playground NOT be built here in fear of unruly youth doing damage to their beloved woods. Stanley Electric, down the road a piece on St. Rt. 142 donated the money for the shelter house and community members also gave of their resources to provide the picnic tables.

Sources say that Madison County’s largest oak trees, with diameters up to 3 feet, reside on this peaceful 19 acres. You may also notice evidence of Ohio’s white tailed deer, beautiful wild flowers in the spring, and certainly another of Ohio’s more infamous residents: poison ivy! The benches and blue bird boxes you will pass are the fruits of the labors of London’s local Boy Scouts. Perhaps while we think about writing a letter, we’ll find one or two of those large walnut trees!

Box #1 Ain’t Nothin’ Better Than a Hand Written Letter!
Starting at Old Glory, take 83 steps through the shelter house and grassy area to the trail head. From the sign on your left, take 30 steps down the trail. You will come to a fork and you’ll want to take the “right” path to write your letter. At 75 steps you’ll see a trash can on your right and a bench on your left. Take 9 steps past the far end of the bench and turn 90 degrees to your left. Look behind the big tree to find stationery on which to write your letter! Please stamp in and re-hide carefully, making sure box is right side up.

Box #2 Ticket to Another Town
Continue on down the path to the 2nd bench. From the trash can take 20 steps and note the fallen tree on the right. Wouldn’t that make a great hiding spot? We thought so, too, but didn’t use it! Continue on another 52 steps and what you need next will be 2 steps off the trail on your right. You’ll notice another fallen tree further off the trail, but your stamp is deep in the stump! Again, re-hide carefully, making sure all bags are zipped and lid is tightly replaced.

Box #3 Signed, Sealed, and On It’s Way!
As you now go in search of your next letter writing desire, the path veers sharply left just ahead. As you veer left, notice the giant with the strong skyward reaching arms on your left. Pass him by and go around one more zig to the left where another huge oak sits just off the path. 10 steps further and your next bit of letter writing paraphernalia is hidden about head high on your left. Remember, re-hide carefully, make sure all bags are zipped and put the lid on tightly.

Box #4 It’s in the Mail
Just ahead is your 3rd chance to sit and catch your breath or just watch the wildlife. After you’ve gotten up your energy again, continue on 28 steps and glory in the size of the behemoth on your left! Can you and your boxing partner grasp arms as you reach around his girth? We could, but barely! Perhaps this is that famous 3 ft diameter oak! Continue on past bench #4 and notice the V twin trees on your left. As the path begins to veer home you’ll see a large fallen tree almost on the left side of the path. Just before bench #5 we noticed a new bird feeder full of thistle on the left. Is it still there? Have a seat on bench #5 and you’ll find your final bit of treasure just across the path hiding on the left side of the stump.

After stamping in for the final time, and carefully re-hiding, continue on and the path will lead you back out to your car. We hope you had a great day and remember…P.S. Write Soon, and tell us how our boxes are doing!