Africa #2  LbNA # 31974 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 17 2007
LocationTravelers Rest, SC
Planted ByThreeBoxers    
Found By RockyMtnHigh
Last Found Jul 30 2007
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Last EditedDec 5 2015

Well, you've learned a little bit about the country of Guinea in West Africa. Now it's time to learn about the wild animals that roamed near us. But first, I want to tell you a quick story that happened while we were there.

Not very far from where we lived in Guinea, there was a young boy about 8 years old, who walked to the mission school every day for his lessons with the other missionary kids in the area. Now there was also a big baboon living in the area who watched the children walk to school every day. The baboon could smell that the boy had some food on him, but, of course, we know that is his lunch. This baboon started following the boy every day and soon realized exactly when the boy would be coming down the little dirt road towards school every morning. So the baboon got brave and started taking the boy's lunch. When this happened, the young boy told his mother and father that a big, black monkey came out of the woods and took his lunch away. The mother and father didn't believe the boy. So the next day, the baboon came out of the woods when he saw the boy coming and tried to take his lunch, but the boy wouldn't let him have it, so the baboon hit him then took it anyway. Then the boy told his parents that the same big, black baboon came out of the woods again and this time beat him up for his lunch. The parents just thought that the boy got in a fight at school and told him to be good. Well, this kept happening over and over. The young boy would come home beat up and hungry because the monkey took his food every day. Finally his dad walked with him to school one day and guess what he saw? That's right, he saw that big, black baboon coming for his boy's lunch....
Thank goodness the dad brought his shotgun, because the other monkeys were coming out of the woods too. The dad didn't want to but had to shoot that baboon and string him up on their front porch for all of the other monkeys to see, because they are smart enough to know that the same thing would happen to them, if they messed with that young boy. From then on , the monkeys would only watch the boy walk to school but they never bothered him again.

You need to do some research on the animals found in West Africa to find my box. Once when you have all the answers, you'll know where to go.

1. This animal's name means "earth pig" because it lives in the ground. It measures about 4-6 feet long and has a long snout. It generally weighs 140 lbs and has large donkey like ears. Men and lions often kill this animal for food, but it likes to rip open the nests of termites with its long claws. What is it? (the 3rd letter is the 2nd letter of the clue) & (the 6th letter is the 7th letter of the clue)

2. This is a 2 winged insect of Africa. It carries parasites that cause African Sleeping Sickness. It has a long beak which it uses to pierce the skin of its victim. As it sucks the blood, it infects the victim. What is it?
(2 words) (2nd letter of 2nd word is 3rd letter of clue)
& (3rd letter of 2nd word is 9th letter of clue)

3. This animal has a long, low cigar shaped body, short legs, & a long powerful tail with which it swims. It has a tough hide, long snout, and sharp teeth. It eats many small animals, birds, & mammals which it seizes and swallows whole. Occasionally it attacks people. What is it? (2nd letter is 6th letter of the clue) & (7th letter is 4th letter of the clue)

4. This is one of the 3 most deadly snakes in Africa. It is slender and looks somewhat like a whip. It glides very rapidly in trees as well as on the ground. It produces a poison as powerful as cobras and vipers. I was lucky enough to see one outside our gate in Guinea. What is it?
(4th letter is 5th letter of clue)

5. This large mammal's name means "horse river". It lives in a pod of up to 40 in a group. It has a lot in common with whales. It averages 11 feet long and 5 feet tall and weighs about 40000 to 70000 lbs. Even though it is bulky, it can outrun a human on land. What is it? (8th letter is the 1st letter of clue)

6. This is a scavenging bird that has no feathers on its head. When circling the air a group of these birds is called a kettle. What is it? (6th letter is 8th letter in the clue)

Now you know the spot. Walk around the left side of the building towards the dumpster. Look for a brick wall in the back. Africa #2 is in a hole in the brick wall.
I'm being told that the workers are reading the box during their brake, and not putting it back. So, look all around the wall.